DAve Crespo has been an omniscient part of Boston's local music scene and the internet independent music scene for over ten years. He started booking shows professionally in 2004 in small Boston bars that had no business having live music. But, in traditional Spo manner, he didn't give a $uck.

After meeting some of the hungriest bands in Boston, Spo needed a way to promote them and helped to start F Nice Records and UNregular Radio. This pushed him to meet bands from all over the country and thus making him the Spo you know.

Within this time, Spo had a band called, DAve Crespo's After Party that had 35 different members of bands Spo booked with the likes of Nicole D'Amico, Sam Damask, Marcus James, Zach Cohen, Alex Steven Martin, Nick Stein, Ashley Rhodes and so many more. So, not only did Spo facilitate the local music scene... the scene facilitated his band.

Now, in 2015, after opening a new radio station in WEMF Radio, DAve Crespo has a new medium for what it means to be a local music lover trying to make it a career by doing it yourself. That medium is the band, Spo.

The first record by the band, Pulp Punk is so auto-biographical that it is literally a 45 minute radio show on a now fake radio station, WSPO. The record, Pulp Punk has 12 songs, bits, ads and bumpers. The only thing it doesn't that Spo does on the radio is other musicians songs.