(Br)ing It (Ba)ck

(!Warning!This blog is basically one big spoiler)

John Oliver made a joke on his premiere episode of the new season of “Last Week Tonight,” this past Sunday in regards to Netflix and how people spend 40 minutes trying to choose what they are going to watch. It was being leant against how the current health care system’s touted benefits are it’s many options… It was funny, watch it. But, me, personally, I don’t do this. I don’t wade through the Netflix catalogue. Instead, I just go for what I know… fucking “Breaking Bad.”

I dunno how many times that I’ve watched it all the way through now… maybe 8 or 9 times. It’s kind of sad, I guess, but add up all the time you’ve spent choosing something to watch on Netflix, Hulu, Prime or whatever you watch shit on… maybe it’s the same amount of time. For my sake, I hope it is, but actually, I think it’s pretty sad that I’ve watched so much ‘Breaking Bad.’ It’s just so good though. It’s modern Shakespear. It’s like William met Charles, had a sexual thing, then a relationship, and then adopted a son that became a soap opera writer. That’s Shakespear and Dickens fyi… Oh, and with a little bit of James Joyce watching over the adopted son between the ages of 8-13… as like a nanny.

Anyways, the more that I watch ‘Breaking Bad’ it makes me believe that it’s just not over. And, it’s like, stupid that we are sitting here thinking that it is over. There is still story to tell. Maybe not endless story, but there is still some to go. Here are my three reasons for why ‘Breaking Bad’ should be and can be brought back.

1) Walt’s not dead…

He’s just not. Yeh, I know we see him shot in the gut, but, I dunno, Hank seems to have gotten over that fine. RIP Hank. This moment though is his, Walt’s utter transformation. The show starts with him talking about the chemical aspects of transformation and when that camera is moving upwards for what will be the last shot of Walt; that is the moment that Walt truly breaks. It’s only scenes before his “death,” that he admits to Sklyer, the audience and maybe even himself that he did it all for him.

Even at the end of Season 4, Walt is still fucking around with the idea of being the King(pin)… He wants it, but it isn’t until he comes back that he truly claims his territory. I know it seems like he is burning all of it and going down with the inferno, but I don’t think so. I think he is just leveling the playing field… changing the game.

It is this moment in a lot of TV shows that I see writers scared to tackle and move forward… It’s because the character literally changes. In this case, it’s not going to be the same Walt that we grew to know. He’s now… fucking, basically Tuco… or the Walt version of Tuco. And, it’s like, I think a lot of these mainstream shows don’t want to have a protagonist that is truly evil. Like, nothing in their way; evil.

I really love, “Dexter,” the show about a serial killer who only kills other killers in Miami… Loved it. I thought as much as I love, ‘Breaking Bad,’ but that just is no longer the case. And, it’s mainly because in season 5 (SPOILER), when Dex’s wife Rita gets killed by Trinity, at that point Dex just like, keeps going on as if he’s the same person. He like, sticks to his “code,” and just keeps going… I dunno. I don’t buy that that is what a person or that person would do.

That moment would fucking break a person… I believe that Dexter would become a full blown serial killer after that… like the ones that he followed; like his brother, Brian, The Ice Truck Killer. And, although America likely didn’t want to see and follow a character that’s evil… I think that everything after Rita dies is just inauthentic to the character and America could tell and the show is and was worse for it.

Now, like, there was a lot going on between Michael C Hall and his wife, which played Debra, his sister on the show. I feel like the tension between them really fucked up their focus on writing the show, but putting that aside, if they’d just turned the show and truly developed the character, by completely altering Dex, I think it would have held up and become so much better. But, America doesn’t want an evil protagonist…

On that note, quickly, yesterday I was listening to an interview on NPR done in 1999 with this guy that turned Ernest Hemmingway novels into made for TV movies. With each one of his novels the TV Studio would make him write “happy endings…” Hemmingway’s response according to this guy that was being interviewed was… (paraphrasing) ‘Shakespear didn’t ever have to change his endings.’

2) It’s not Breaking Bad anymore…

It’s something completely different. Like, The Hobbit versus, the Lord of the Rings… It’s a Tarantino universe… undefined, but iconic. New characters could be added. Old characters referred to… it’s not endless, but there is plenty to go off of. However, “El Camino,” was an example of how each character is limited in their development. Even Jesse, a key character couldn’t stand in front of a camera for a whole hour and be interesting and develop, because he doesn’t develop… ever. It’s a show that the whole cast makes the show great… and Walt… or the idea that he is coming or going at some point… transforming. No one other than him really does this transforming though and this is why I brought up James Joyce earlier… paralysis. Albuquerque is perfect for that concept at this moment in time.

Anyways, this is why the whole cast needs to be brought back; including Walt. The are awesome characters and the transformation of Walt has only in the middle, which can only be seen with the contrast of the people around him that never change.

In conclusion of this point… I’m just saying like, if Vince Gilligan doesn’t want to make ‘Breaking Bad’ anymore… it’s just not even ‘Breaking Bad’ anymore since Walt broke. So, rename it. Rebrand it, but don’t act like Walt is fucking dead. He’s not. He’s too smart for that. Fucking Gus had a surgical team ready for him stepping into a bullet (so-to-speak; poisoning himself)… Walt would do the same. He is the new king… pin.

3) Gretchen & Walt… Grey Matter

It seems like Vince Gilligan is more comfortable with telling the story of the past. I say this in regards to the creation and success of “Better Call Saul.” What a great show. What a good follow up. But, notice I didn’t say ‘great follow up’… It’s not because anything about BCS is bad, it just isn’t the story we want and now we need it after BCS. The story we now need is of why Walt begun to break… And, I believe that soul lies in Grey Matter.

Pepper; I watch a lot of Breaking Bad with my girlfriend, Pepper Rose. So, naturally we talk about it a lot. She is the one who pointed out that Jesse or the characters around Walt don’t really change. They are kinda plot devices for the transformation of Walt. But, she also mentions that really what Walt and Jesse’s relationship is, is a rehashing of Walt’s relationship with Gretchen… his original life and business partner; the woman who he thought he could trust with his genius. We all really just want that story… So, Vince, tell it.

Maybe Bryan Cranston isn’t even in the show and it’s like a young Walt… He’d have to absolutely murder it in his acting performance, but just remember, Bryan Cranston was an anti-semetic dentist on “Seinfeld,” 15 years before being Walter White. You know, so, I think someone less known than Shia LeBeouf but a better actor than him could be condored up… and, please, not the fucking guy from Twilight.

I think Gretchen is the only other character that also transformed and to see this transformation in Walt that we watch we NEED to see Gretchen’s. It causes Walt’s. We see these glimpses of their past together and how Walt had a very idealistic view of what they were doing. And, when we see Gretchen with her Walt replacement that became just another corporate chemical company that fucking just takes advantage of society… you just know that she wasn’t that and this before something happened. What was it?

Was it her family pressuring her? Was it Walt? What was it? Maybe this question is what keeps ‘Breaking Bad,’ exhilarating, but at some point, it needs to be addressed. Or else, Walt becomes just another hollow vague character like fucking Holden Caulfield… what a let down. So, Vince, show me, tell me… what happened to Gretchen.

Plus, I feel like ‘Breaking Bad,’ and everything that happens is really just a big fuck you to Gretchen…

Anyways, here is 1600+ words on why ‘Breaking Bad’ should and will come back… when the time is right. And, I’m telling you, the time is right. AMC is fucking up right now. The Walking Dead is just that; DEAD. They need VG to do something new…

So, in honor of helping here is a possible new name… “Broken Bad.” I know, it’s terrible, but so is what mainstream America does to our beloved characters of modern literature.. I mean, TV.

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