The Spo Show presents Spo Sips: 12.28.18 w/ Don Moore

Check out this episode of Spo Sips about home brewing as the cast tastes some great home brews with co-host, Susan Welland of The Utah Brew Fest. The conversation gets technical at points but also gets into a chat about craft versus commercial and both’s advantages. Mikenzie was there, so disarray definitely ensues… it get’s weird at points, but never too weird for The Spo Show. Hear the podcast below…

This podcast below isn’t the full podcast, but this is the full playlist…

PLAYLIST 12.28.18…

Olde Time Mischief- Black Heart
Genre Zero- The Seamstress
Dori Cameron and the Invisible Monsters- Soul Crimes
War Twins- American Kids
Christian Mills Band- Pretty Good Life
Olde Time Mischief- Deathbed
Kristen Ford- Pretty Little
DCDR- Rocket Seed
Spo- Laughing
SuperBubble- March Sound
Spirit Machines- Even a Victory is A Funeral
Scenic Byway- Ghost Train Wreck
Mel Soul- Lights Down Low

The Spo Show: 12.27.18 w/ Keyvin VanDyke

Spo’s first show after XMAS ’18 was a duzzie! Keyvin VanDyke came in and played a few songs amidst Spo messing his name up, them talking about Teton Guitars, the NAMM showcase 2019, coffee, race, songwriting and more… Hear it in the podcast below!


Ol’ Fashion Depot- Got To Be Wound
Pixie and the Partygrass Boys- Snow Day
Backyard Revival- Harmless
Christian Mills Band- Murder
Genre Zero- Turn It Down

The Spo Show: 12.20.18 w/ Swarmer & Galagher

It was an action packed Spo Show on Thursday, December 20th when Chris from Swarmer came in to chat about their EP that is about to come out, religion and the metal scene in Utah. Then, Galagher came in to chat about their homecoming show at The Urban Lounge, “Friendsmas,” the search for their new singer and more. Hear the full podcast here!

Genre Zero- Berry Blossom
Paper Elephant- Convince Me
Slick Velveteens- Don’t Tell Me (Twice)
Racist Kramer- Circus
Swarmer- Covenant
Swarmer- Burrowed
Eagle Twin- I Dreaded That First Robin, So
Galagher- Longitudes & Latitudes
Galagher- The Bullet
FAIL TO FOLLOW- Army of One + Waiting For A Signal
Galagher- Spotlight

The Spo Show: 12.18.18 w/ Jake of Dog Particle + M Ca Pri of God Save The Kings

Spo started his week on a Tuesday talking to Jake of LA band, Dog Particle about the sanctity of punk, LA’s punk scene & it’s apparent togetherness and about the band’s newest release, which came out today. You can find at Then M Ca Pri of God Save The Kings came in and got real with Spo about her dramatic end to her last band, love and it’s drama and then she dug into Spo’s life. It was great. Hear it all in this podcast!


Bay Faction- Sasquatch .22
Dog Particle- Peiple’s Elbow
Zip-Tie Handcuffs- Psychotic Dance
Dog Particle- Shoelace
Dog Particle- Frankenstein’s Bittersweet Love Song
Blame It On Whitman- Shrooms
American Humor- Wilde
Crook and The Bluff- Devilish Deeds
Paper Elephant- Convince Me
Pompo- Sharing Shoes
Galagher- Longitudes & Latitudes

The Spo Show Presents Spo Sips: 12.14.18 w/ Saltfire Brewing + Beehive Cigars

The Friday edition of The Spo Show is Spo Sips, a look at local beer in Salt Lake City, UT. This episode featured Ryan Miller, owner of Saltfire Brewing, Brandon Oveson of Beehive Cigars, Mikenzie Hardman of Bitches & Brews plus co-host, Susan Welland of The Utah Brew Fest. Conversations move along Walmart’s stance on 3.2 beer in Utah, smoking in door laws as well, the trend of Brut IPA’s and so much more.


Martian Cult- Cheater’s Wave
The Shills- Move A Mountain
Shrink the Giant- Fast and Far
Dori Cameron and the Invisible Monsters- Soul Crimes
Daniel Foster Smith- The Road Was Closed
Sarah Little Drum- Chearp Champagne
Spirit Machines- Even A Victory Is A Funeral

The Spo Show w/ Julie Riding & Mel Soul: 11.13.18

Dude, the show was fucking awesome on Tuesday November 13th. Julie Riding and Mel Soul arrived at the same time (before me), and we all hung out in the cold Suite J to re-start out weeks. Hear conversations about the Suite J property manager that Spo has a crush on, Barbara, Julie Riding killing dog, Mel Soul coming up from Orem to open mics and so much more in the full podcast below…


Julie Riding (song 1)(song 2)

Mel Soul (song 1)(song 2)