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Office carpet carpet how to deal with moisture

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Office carpet carpet how to deal with moisture
    Offices often lay tile carpets. The use of tile carpets can make the office more beautiful and atmospheric, and it has the advantages of convenient transportation and simple installation, and it has been welcomed by many companies. However, in the course of use, due to the weather, office carpets will appear wet, what should be done in this situation?
First, if the office carpet is heavily dampened and the water has penetrated into the carpet, then it must be dealt with as soon as possible, without delay, to avoid causing greater damage to the floor.
Second, put the carpet tile into the ventilation and ventilation place, wait until the carpet is completely dry, then put it back to the original position.
Third, if the carpet is damp and dirty, then the carpet must be cleaned and dried, while the floor clean and dry before re-laying.
    If the office has high requirements for office cubicle carpet absorption, it is recommended that you choose a carpet with good water absorption performance, and you need to open the fan or air-conditioning dehumidification mode in the office so that you can keep the office dry and prevent the carpet from getting damp.