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Huade carpets stick with strength and characteristics

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 Responsible for mission Inheriting Chinese carpet business service people
As early as 2000 years ago in the western han dynasty era, with the Buddhism was introduced into, the Tibetan people is made from cow, wool prayer mat, then make the blanket use, and thus began the buds of our carpet industry.
In the tang and song dynasty years, the method of making the carpet gradually spread to the mainland, weaving technology is also gradually improve.The qing emperor kangxi years, use of the court to the carpet, but using the object is only set herself, bureaucratic nobles, the owner of carpet as a symbol of power.
Until the eighty s of this century, most of the carpet in our country are for export, at home, many people think the carpet is too far away from their own life.
In mid and late 80 s, with the deepening of the reform and opening up, the continuous improvement of people's living standard, carpet, this ancient art known by people gradually entered in many wealthy family.But many ordinary people still can't use, still take it as a symbol of high-grade taste.
Is in this context, huade carpets co., LTD. Was set up, hope that through the efforts of all staff, to produce more high quality carpet of beauty, good quality and methods of inheriting the carpet industry in our country at the same time, for more people to bring comfortable elegant carpet, services to more people.Take responsibility for the people and the whole industry and mission.
 clueless And with the strength characteristics
Howard carpet corporation is China's largest carpet manufacturers mechanism is one of the, is the Chinese arts and crafts association of professional committee of the carpet, vice President of units, the Chinese carpet standards committee "tufting carpet" national standards drafting unit.
With carpet company, chemical fiber company, zhengzhou, zhengzhou zhengzhou special carpet company, Beijing huade carpet company, Beijing huade carpet yarn, gongyi city huade floor materials companies, transportation companies, such as zhengzhou, seven subsidiaries, has various types of carpet production line imported more than 80 sets, the annual production of various kinds of carpets, 20 million square meters.Since 1997, all types of carpet production volume ranking first in the country for years.
In more than ten years of development, huade carpet formed its own unique advantages and product, on its own strength and innovation, in the whole carpet industry.
In terms of scale, Howard has from the main raw material production to the finished product of form a complete set of production scale;All types of a mechanism in the field of carpet carpet loom;Loom sets and production capacity ranks first of the industry;In product advantage, huade carpet variety complete, o KeMing stern, wilton, carter rupp, Mr Nick, nylon printing, nylon piece dyeing, craft a blanket and a spell of carpets, car carpet and other varieties, can satisfy all kinds of high school low-grade carpet products in more than 60 series, over 300 varieties of designs and colors;
In a market advantage: across the country more than 80 Howard carpet sales organization on enterprise information network and corporation etc, anytime, anywhere can provide users with fast, considerate sales service;On the brand at the same time, huade carpet through the ISO9001 international quality system certification, product won the "China environmental protection carpet", "green product award", "henan famous brand product" and other honorary titles.Product many times by the tiananmen gate, the great hall of the people, the central television station, Shanghai Oriental pearl tower and other important institutions and site selection, nearly thousand four-star hotels across the country have all the year round, the majority of customers love and praise.
 Looking to the future After the show
Facing the future, huade carpet still adhere to the "pursuit of excellence, to create" first-class concept of development, adhere to "honesty" as the core spirit of enterprise, for its own products and services do not relax, in the face of the fierce competition in the industry, do yourself, constantly breakthroughs.
In the Internet age, also puts forward new requirements to the enterprise, especially in terms of marketing, network marketing has become enterprises are not second choice.Face facing the network promotion huade carpet choose a positive attitude, choose ali bole network as platform, a day to release the product information and business information of specification, and from the perspective of customers, providing customers with valuable information on the Internet has made the good achievements.
  The growth of any enterprise, go through different phases, huade carpet towards the mature stage of development, in the middle of the way also experienced many ups and downs, every step of their feet on the ground, each step closer to the consumer.Advocating "rigorous, efficient, high quality, fast" style of huade person, must be able to own in the future, to the next level.