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Huade carpet teach you choose carpet

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 Carpet shop is only a simple sense, let a space become moist, soft, not only can soften your sense of touch, but in the face of linen, cotton, wool, chemical fiber, etc. So many different material of carpet, how should choose?How should match with the decoration?Here is Beijing sheng day land real estate brokerage company related agent when it comes to how to choose carpet:
Colour, material qualitative, design and specification, is the direction of thinking when choosing carpet four.According to space, floor texture decision required carpet material, such as floor tile, marble, suitable for color intense, touch the carpet of warm;Wooden floor is applicable hemp, or warm color department carpet fiber carpet.Moreover, according to the size, the size of the decision carpet, while pattern depending on your preferences.
A, carpet material: can be chosen according to the living conditions and consumption level.
(1), with wool as raw materials, design beautiful, bright colors, thick texture, adornment effect is good.But the price of wool carpet is expensive, not wear-resisting, still need to consider moth-proofing, anticorrosive.Its varieties have room carpet, bed side carpet, bath mat, foot blanket, blanket of nearly 10 kinds of.
(2), synthetic fiber carpet;Wear-resistant, with sound-absorbing, heat preservation, abrasion resistance, qualitative light, eat by moth resistance, antistatic, and the advantages of cheap, but its flexibility is bad, easy to dust.Appropriate average household to choose.
(3), blended with wool carpet fiber and synthetic fiber blended yarn.Has the characteristics of warm, wear-resisting, not rot decay, prices are moderate.
(4), the plastic carpet production of polyvinyl chloride resins, plasticizers and other auxiliary materials, the uniform mixing with molding of lightweight carpet.Has the quality of a material soft, bright colors, self-extinguishing non-combustible, comfortable and durable, etc.
Color: the ground appropriate USES low light warm color to move.Sitting room to choose red or yellow carpet is richly showily.The bedroom to choose the color of camel's hair or cream-colored carpet of neutral shades can create a quiet, elegant atmosphere.
Design: the sitting room can choose pattern is larger and darker color carpet, give a person the sense with sedate and easy;Bedroom can choose small pattern, the carpet of colour and lustre is clear, make the person feels comfortable and lively.Four, specifications: roll carpet width is 3.7 m, the user can choose and buy after cut on its own.