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Artificial grass carpet installation

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A, construction preparation
Lawn carpet to the construction site, according to the figure will be laid the lawn rolled out, confirm the number of grass carpet, color, determine the yarn for the same direction, prepare related materials, construction equipment and tools, confirm the construction temperature should be kept in more than 10 ℃.
Second, the measuring unreeling
According to the field design drawing presence on the ground to mark the field position of each line and line identification should be clear.
Three, the construction
Article 1, will the grass carpet adhesive belt along the identity of adhesive on the underlying fabric.
2, the artificial lawn carpet along the lines of adhesive on the adhesive belt, make sure it is flat and level.
3, use special tools to trimming of artificial grass carpet, splicing, flat-fell seam spacing should be < 2 mm.
4, adhesive was carried out on the lawn carpet flat-fell seam, lawn flat-fell seam between application of adhesive bonding.
5, was carried out on the lawn carpet flat-fell seam compaction, ensure flat-fell seam smooth and firm.
6, the filler to fill with special equipment, shall guarantee that the uniform, smooth, dense.
7, use special equipment to comb the lawn, the filling full settlement.
8, note: site during the construction of the lawn carpet can be spliced completely finished with a special tool cutting lines, and the artificial grass carpet line is embedded into the line id.
See table 9, the dosage of filler reference.(filler after pickling of quartz sand and rubber granules, quartz sand mesh should be 40-60 mesh, mesh rubber particles should be 10-20 mesh. At the same time filled with quartz sand and rubber granules to field should be filled with quartz sand fill again after rubber particles.)