Kick in the Mix

Sometimes I remember the speed of my life just 2 or three years ago. The sleepless sleep that prepared me for the linguistic battles, negotiations that I would have to go through to make rock shows happen. But, I dunno, I don’t remember what drama or really even the shows. Right now I remember walking outside and being alone on Somerville Avenue in Union Square on Saturday afternoons during all ages matinees. The sun would fill that treeless street up. It’s like, there are trees, but they were only planted 5 years ago when Union Square was shitty… or maybe a little more. So, the leaves aren’t on the trees and blocking the street like parts of town that are older… The buildings are also quite short.

When the Saturday matinees were wrapping up I’d return outside. Usually to think about splitting the money up or how I’d have to potentially explain where money was or wasn’t going. But, really, it was to be alone to watch the sunset down Somerville Avenue. Especially in August, that view was beautiful… I assume it still is.

If you looked east, you’d see the older patrons of Sallie’s, the bar next door also enjoying the sunset, but really enjoying their lives. That place is a haven for some old tyme rockers that have found refuge and maybe even retirement in Boston… Sometimes when you find yourself around older people, you know you are in the right place. They spent their whole lives where they didn’t want to be… but not now.

Then the nights would turn over and Somerville Avenue wouldn’t be so lonely at night… sometimes. But, when the moon was full I could forget the passerbys by just looking up at the moon. And then, it was just me and the moon together, as if Somerville Avenue had been eradicated of all of its’ night crawlers for a moment; alone were I and the moon.

It’s hard for me to remember the music right now. It’s kinda the same way that I can’t remember playing baseball as a kid. But, I hear the constant rumble of a kick, snare and bass in the background. It’s as loud as my subconscious yammering away and I avoided it like such, yet while still listening for the correct amount of kick in the mix.

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