The Spo Show: 12.3.19 w/ Lisa Diamond & Compass Rose

On Tuesday December 3rd, 2019, Spo had Psychology Professor at The University of Utah on his show in the first hour. She talks about relationships, politics and so much more with Spo.

Then, in the second hour, Sky of Compass Rose came in and played a few songs in promotion of his show on December 7th, 2019 at The Yes Hell in Ogden, UT.

Here is the Facebook Event for that show… CLICK HERE….

Amongst the songs, Sky and Spo chatted about Christmas presents, haunted train tracks and hotels and a bunch else. Hear the full podcast here…

The Spo Show: 4.17.19 w/ The Swinging Lights

The Spo Show resumed with guests, The Swinging Lights playing live with co-hosts, Andrew Witkamp & Zach Novak. After The Swinging Lights played they came on air and talked about their formation, Mormons, their rock solid hand dynamic & more. Hear the full podcast below…