The Spo Show presents Spo Sips: 12.28.18 w/ Don Moore

Check out this episode of Spo Sips about home brewing as the cast tastes some great home brews with co-host, Susan Welland of The Utah Brew Fest. The conversation gets technical at points but also gets into a chat about craft versus commercial and both’s advantages. Mikenzie was there, so disarray definitely ensues… it get’s weird at points, but never too weird for The Spo Show. Hear the podcast below…

This podcast below isn’t the full podcast, but this is the full playlist…

PLAYLIST 12.28.18…

Olde Time Mischief- Black Heart
Genre Zero- The Seamstress
Dori Cameron and the Invisible Monsters- Soul Crimes
War Twins- American Kids
Christian Mills Band- Pretty Good Life
Olde Time Mischief- Deathbed
Kristen Ford- Pretty Little
DCDR- Rocket Seed
Spo- Laughing
SuperBubble- March Sound
Spirit Machines- Even a Victory is A Funeral
Scenic Byway- Ghost Train Wreck
Mel Soul- Lights Down Low

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