DAve Crespo is Spo… Spo is DAve Crespo… he is a dude that plays music, promotes music and loves it. This website will cover all his bases in all of those realms. Spo writes and plays music in a number of bands now and has over time. At the moment, he lives in Salt Lake City, UT and rocks with local rising act, Scenic Byway, which is a hip hop infused live act. All the while, Spo writes for his namesake band, “Spo,” as well as Spirit Machines.

Simultaneously, The Spo Show happens a few times a week. This is DAve’s medium for the art and creative medium of conversation, where he’ll talk about ad hoc topics with local musicians, local brewers and whoever he can get onto the show. Currently, the show is done live from Suite J in South Salt Lake, City.

In the bio below, you’ll hear all about the band Spo and it will details how DAve moved from his home of Boston to Utah (what a random move!). Whilst in Boston, Spo became an “omniscient,” presence in the Boston Local Music Scene. This has been building to be the case in Salt Lake too as Spo presents line ups of shows spot lighting the local SLC and Boston talent in a cross country effort….

Ok, so that’s the 411. Now, check out the Spo (band/music) bio so you can know how this adventure all started and got to where we are now…

***SPO (the band) BIO***

Spo has elements of rock, punk, folk and even rap but brings it to life with energy & heart… Sometimes it gets too real, but isn’t that life?

DAve Crespo has been an omniscient part of Boston’s local music scene and the internet independent music scene for over ten years. He started booking shows professionally in 2004 in small Boston bars that had no business having live music. But, in traditional Spo manner, he didn’t give a #uck.

After meeting some of the hungriest bands in Boston, Spo needed a way to promote them and helped to start F Nice Records and UNregular Radio. This pushed him to meet bands from all over the country and thus making him the Spo you know.

Within this time, Spo had a band called, DAve Crespo’s After Party that had 35 different members of bands Spo booked with the likes of Nicole D’Amico, Sam Damask, Marcus James, Zach Cohen, Alex Steven Martin, Nick Stein, Ashley Rhodes and so many more. So, not only did Spo facilitate the local music scene… the scene facilitated his band.

In 2015, midst opening a new radio station in WEMF Radio, DAve Crespo created Spo. The members at the time were a cary over from The After Party, but it was time for something new… and, so the band, which consisted of Chris Cucinotto, Will Deeks, Brandon Santos & Dave Chez, recorded a record.

The first record by the band, Pulp Punk is so auto-biographical that it is literally a 45 minute radio show on a now fake radio station, WSPO. The record, Pulp Punk has 12 songs, bits, ads and bumpers. It’s crazy. You should listen to it.

Spo truly lived for live music. It’s a great thing, but to commit to anything great you must sacrifice. And so, after a divorce Spo needed to gain some perspective on what he was actually doing…

In 2018, DAve got a divorce, & moved Spo out to Salt Lake City, Utah to make music with the mountains & Ashley formerly Perry on vocals. Upon moving out there he met Bruce Kirby an audio engineer that recorded some songs with him. Bruce introduced DAve to Zach & nu-Spo was then a thing…

Upon returning to Boston to finalize DAve’s divorce in July of 2018, Ashley also came home & they played shows with the old band’s members… but, Pat aka Ructchaplee hadn’t had his fill and he decided to move out to Utah to play with the band. DAve came back a month later to drive, Rutch and his stuff across the country to make a scene in Salt Lake City. Now the band looks towards making a record before Rutch leaves to go home to Thailand…