The Spo Show: 1.23.20 w/ Dr. Nocko & Mr. Nicholas

On Thursday January 23rd, 2020, Spo started the show off talking about the future sale of The Middle East Nightclub in Cambridge, MA and then got old friend, Nico of Dr. Nocko & Mr. Nicholas on the line. Nico told Spo the story his departure from his past band, Jack Romanov and then how Dr. Nocko got started up once he moved back to LA. Hear the full crazy tale in this podcast!

The Spo Show: 1.21.20 w/ Mitchell & Keith of Winter Sirens

On Tuesday January 21st, 2020, drummer and guitarist/vocalist of Winter Sirens rolled down to The Spo Show to chat with Spo about their up coming show on January 25th at The Rise in Orem. They guys also got in depth about the beginnings of the band and how cousins, Keith and Mitchell ended up in Utah to play music together. Hear this and more in this podcast!

The Spo Show: 1.16.20 w/ Dan of Scotty and The Gang + Ben of T and The Wrecks

On Thursday January 16th, 2020, Spo did a digital show where he interviewed two musicians from Boston over facebook and the phone. Both of which are playing a show the coming Saturday, January 18th at The Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge, MA. Dan of Scotty and The Gang talked with Spo about a recording they did together years back, the past and future of the band and the Boston scene missing Spo while Ben of T and the Wrecks talked with Spo about dragons, being tall, his dad’s name and likely more. It was a fun show and so will Saturday’s show at The Middle East Downstairs. Check out the podcast!

Here is the EVENT PAGE for the show on SATURDAY!

The Spo Show: 1.15.20 w/ Jammy Tammy & Basil Strawberry

On Thursday January 15th, Jammy Tammy came down to South Salt Lake from Ogden to chat about her show on Friday January 17th at The Yes Hell in her home of Ogden. The two got deep, laughed and even cried… well, maybe not cried, but either way it was a fun conversation about how Tammy got into music. Spo later goes into the AB 5 bill that is being discussed in California, chatted briefly with a Portland, OR performer, Basil Strawberry and spun a shit ton of relevant local music from across the country. Check it all out in this pretty extensive podcast…

The Spo Show: 1.14.20 w/ Didier of Ivy Local

The Spo Show went rogue on Tuesday January 14th, 2020 when Didier of Ivy Local came onto the show to chat about his and their big event a week from this show at The Urban Lounge. It’s called, “Tanks & Zombies,” and it’s Tuesday January 21st… Didier was accompanied by friends and co-workers of both him and Spo. They all work at Purgatory, but they show you in this episode that no work talk is needed for this group of shananagoons. Check out it all in the podcast!

The Spo Show: 1.9.20 w/ Ben Brinton

Ben Brinton made his way down to The Spo Show on Thursday January 9th, 2020 to promote an upcoming #sporulespresents show at The Urban Lounge on Monday January 13th plus Friday January 17th at The Wasatch Improv Festival. The two talked about the state of the indie music industry in respect to CD Baby’s Music Convention in Austin, $5 shows, working at bars and so much more. Hear it all plus Ben rocking 4 songs on his acoustic guitar in this podcast!

The Spo Show: 1.8.20 w/ Bradley Matthews

On this episode of The Spo Show, Bradley Matthews came down to rock a few songs on his acoustic and on the in studio upright Yamaha piano. The two talked about positivity, Bradley’s hip hop influences, psychedelic soap and Bradley’s set at The Urban Lounge on Monday January 13th. Hear it all and more in this podcast!

The Spo Show: 1.7.20 w/ Lee Bee + Chris of Six Fox Whiskey

On Tuesday’s Spo Show, the first show of the year and decade, Spo got deep with Lee Bee about her past and her future show at The Urban Lounge on Monday January 13th, 2020. Then, in the second hour of the show, Chris of SixFoxWhiskey called in and chatted with Spo about his bands’ upcoming CD release and for their new record, Naughty Air. The disc drops on Friday January 17th, 2020 when Six Fox Whiskey opens up for The Rustic Overtones at The Brighton Music Hall back in Allston, Massachusetts. Check out all this and so much more in this podcast!

The Spo Show: 12.30.19 w/ The Fervors

On this episode of The Spo Show, The Fervors returned and rocked an improv set at Suite J in promotion of their dual stage set at MEGA mini Fest on January 4th, 2020 at The Metro Music Hall. Hear them rock then talk to Spo about Desert Days, the duo living together and their 2020 New Years Resolutions. Hear the full podcast here!